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dick burning

hey, what's up? i'm chris. welcome to hp workbench. i'm going to show you how to make an encrypted, password protected cd or dvd using cyberlink power2go. now the same process is used to make a regular unprotected disk so if you're just looking to how to make a data disk you're still in the right place. as always this is part of our series of videos on how to burn cds and dvds.

dick burning

dick burning, now make sure to check out our video on getting started with burning if you need that. today i'm going to show you how to use power2go. i'm going to show you how to add files and arrange them on a disk. i'm going to show you how to choose encryption or not and how to burn a disk

and finally how to view the encrypted files when the disk is finished. let's go check this out on my hp touch smart pc. cyber link power2go is a disk burning software that comes on some hp touch smart and hp pavilions. power2go is part of cyber link's dvd suite deluxe so if you got suite deluxe go ahead and open up that. i'm going to click on the data disk tab. now right here is where you choose whether you're going to make a cd or dvd. the process is the same for both of them. today i'm going to use a dvd. now we're using power2go's version 6. in earlier versions you'd have to choose right here whether you're going to make it an encrypted disk or not but with version 6 you can actually add encrypted files and regular files on the disk.

you don't have to choose right here, you can make that decision later on down the road when you're adding files. let's go ahead and select data dvd. and here you go. this s power2go. now the upper window right up here is where you're going to navigate the files on your pc and the lower window here is where you arrange everything you want on your disk. all right, so what you're going to do is select the files and the folders you want and then drag them right down here into the lower section. now if you're just making a regular data disk this is all you need to know. if you want to have encrypted files you're going to select the secured folder button right here. it's going to ask you for a password.

now what this does is it creates a space on your disk to protect your files with a 128 bit encryption. you going to want to go ahead and insert the password and don't forget this password, okay? because you're not going to be able to view your encrypted files if you don't have the password. let me tell you something. once you burn the cd you can't go back and find it and you can't change it. so remember your password. another thing is if you select the hide the file names option, like that, it's going to take the files that you want encrypted and people won't even be able to read the file names. go ahead and click ok. now look at that. we've created a file folder for our encrypted files. now check this out. we've got two different file folders here going on so what

we're going to want to do is put our secret stuff right down here into the top red folder, just like that, and stuff we're not really worried about being encrypted, just regular files, you're just going to go ahead and move that right down here to the bottom. okay, so å¯ a couple of things about some little tabs up here. what you're going to want to do is if you want to create a new folder just go ahead and hit this button here and add a new folder and boom! you got a new folder in your disk. now if you decide you don't want some stuff on there all you got to do is select it and hit remove, and they're gone. now if you decide you want to start all over again and you need a blank canvass,

just hit clear all data, right there, and look at that. all clear, good to go. okay, let me show you another thing. i'm going to go ahead and select all these files here and bring them on down. now you see this bar here at the bottom, this lets me know how much room these files are taken up on this disk and tells me how much room i have left to add more files. okay, once you have the disk the way you want it, you're ready to burn. so go ahead and hit the burn now button. that's going to give you a couple of options here. for example you can lower your burner speed if that helps your burner

and you can adjust the number of copies you're going to make. we're going to go ahead and hit burn. it's going to ask you to insert a disk, a blank disk if you don't have one in there already. like i said earlier i'm going to use a dvd. and put that in. all right, there you go. you've got a burned data disk that's secure. so what do you do if you want to see these encrypted files? well, i'm going to show you how to do that. i'm just going to go ahead and insert the dvd back inside and when power2go burned this dvd it installed cyber link security browser on it so when this window pops up you going to want to go ahead and run that security browser.

that's going to ask you to insert something that i told you about earlier, the password. so don't forget your password or you're not going to be able to see your encrypted files. i'm going to run the security browser like i said and there you go, you got another password. okay. there we go. let's open this up. top secret files. now if someone's looking through windows explorer they're going to be able to see the files and the file names but they're not going to be able to access them. now if you selected the hide the file names and they're looking through windows what they're going to see is stuff like this right here. now they'll be able to see that there's files but they won't be able to read the file name.

so there you go. now you know how to make your own data disk and make it secure. if you got any questions at all visit us at the forum at as always i'm chris. thanks for stopping by hp workbench.

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