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women hormones

pregnancy brain is otherwise known as momnesia.i think it's real. i've had it. science shows, and there is data on this, that the braincapacity doesn't appear to change. it's very hard to account for function, and there aresome smaller studies showing some memory deficit during pregnancy. it seems to be seems to be related to hormonal changes or neurotransmitter changes. it could alsobe related to lack of sleep, stress, to the

women hormones

women hormones, idea that your brain is put in all differentdirections. your priorities need to change. i think momnesia is real. i think it's fantasticbecause it's telling you to slow down and pull back. it's an opportunity to re-prioritize.if you are overwhelmed and you are doing too many things, you can't remember everythingthat you are supposed to do. maybe that's

your body and your brain to take it down acouple of notches and remember to take care of yourself during the pregnancy.

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