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late ovulation

my bbt is up and down after ovulation. i cannothelp but wonder what is wrong. it normally does go up after ovulation. it is going up and back down. it normally goes up a third to two thirdsof a degree after ovulation. it typically goes down around the time your period starts.

late ovulation

late ovulation, unless you’re pregnant. and unless you are too active when you takeyour basal body temperature, so the reading spikes up that day. i know it spikes if you get up and run aroundto get the thermometer.

the basal body temperature can spike too,if you had restless sleep. i’d have to ask my husband if my tossingand turning kept him up. and you could see the bbt readings go up andstay up if you’ve started sleeping under an electric blanket. ditto if you’re sleepingin longer under thick blankets. i’m not using an electric blanket. it will go up if you have a fever. if i was sick, i would not bother trackingmy basal temperature. thyroid problems can make you tired and havea lowered basal body temperature too. thyroid problems would not make it fluctuatea lot.

you’ll get variation if you check the bodytemperature different ways. speaking of which, rectal is the most accurate method. i do not even want to stick a thermometerup a baby’s butt, much less my own. you’ll get variation in the readings ifyou take them the same way but at different times. pick on early morning time and checkit the same way every time. what if that does not eliminate the variation? make sure you are using a basal body temperaturethermometer that can pick up the tenth of a degree bbt charts are supposed to track,instead of plus or minus half a degree some thermometers do.

it is a basal thermometer. some women do not have a basal body temperaturespike or it is only a tenth of a degree, something that you hardly even notice. i do typically see a spike around ovulationbut see other peaks too. what else could explain the variations? staying up too late to party and enjoyingtoo much alcohol. then i won’t get accurate readings on thenights i’m most likely to get pregnant. if you had consistent readings that suddenlyshifted and stayed shifted, the solution is probably getting a new basal thermometer.

or using a different method to track my fertility. that’s why they sell ovulation tests insix packs and teach cervical mucus readings. i’d rather do the bbt checks rectally.

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