Jumat, 28 April 2017

bleeding from ear

the former teacher has filed a $12 million lawsuit against the l.a. unified school district. she cames she suffered harassment and retaliation on

bleeding from ear

bleeding from ear, the job because she is gay. here's an interview you will see only here on nine. to be exposed anti- gay

language is a challenge because as a lesbian, when i first hear it, emotionally i am angry. after 18 years as a teacher, she said she finally left the job she loved due to repeated anti-gay incidents. i was supervising the locker room and it was something to the

effect of zero you gotta watch that lesbian is looking at us. sometimes there were graphic anti-gay statements scrolled on the locker room and pinned to her bulletin board. i'm not feeling like this is my chance for something extra, but i don't want to wake up one

day and find out that a child has been harmed because nothing ever changed. according to this claim, her repeated reports to the administrator were typically dismissed and she said she was told not to identify herself as openly gay.

i'm an adult, an authority figure and i'm being exposed to it. what what do you think is happening to the children? they sent us a statement that said the district is committed to ensuring it hostile free environment.

we do not agree with the interrogations and is vigorously defending this lawsuit.

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