Senin, 01 Mei 2017

burning lips

>> so the company that makes the e.o.s. balm lip gloss, you know the little eggs that have tons of chapstick. harvey: this is the one that

burning lips

burning lips, like kim kardashian -- >> everyone. >> hayden panettiere. >> britney spears.

>> they tout it. >> i give them out as christmas presents. >> there has been a class action lawsuit filed because some women have really bad reactions to it. harvey: like what? >> weird chapped lips, like burning lips and all of these

like bumps. the company is denying it. >> how are they proving it's the chapstick? >> the woman said she went to the store, put some on and her lips within hours started flaking and bleeding. >> so she put more on?

>> she said my lips felt like sandpaper so i tried to put more on. harvey: the operative word is moron. [laughter]

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